Hello! Welcome to Math Heads, the math blog with the sketchy name.

I’m Wyatt, a seventeen-year-old college student at VC majoring in engineering. I’ve lived on a boat moving around the coast of California since I was twelve, and I was home schooled from Kindergarten until about two years ago. It’s been an unusual education. So it isn’t even peculiar that a blog I start could be a part of it.

The purpose of Math Heads is this: To teach mathematics to a wide audience, making it understandable with simple English explanations and assuming almost no background knowledge, and to teach it to myself by doing so. This blog is all about learning by teaching.

And I’m only able to do this because of one extraordinarily important reason. I’m one of those weirdos who loves math. I express myself through it; it is the how I interact with and understand the world. I am gifted with the ability to make whole rooms groan and roll their eyes whenever I open my mouth about it.

So when I pay attention to this blog, and remember to post on it, it’s an act of passion. When I understand something, I have fun when I write about it — so that fun on my end should(?) translate to a clearly expressed idea on yours. This will be much, much more casual than most other mathematics blogs. If everything goes right, I’ll be savvy and mostly cogent. If it doesn’t, I’ll look completely insane.

But then, who’s to say that’s a bad thing?